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Selected Documents, CHADWICK of Yorkshire, England

Baptisms of Charles Chadwick,
son of William Chadwick and unknown, 1740,
and his wife Sally Wilby,1739, daughter of Joseph Wilby
The Burial of Wm Chadwick 19 May 1751
His burial record found in the Dewsbury Parish Record.
Name of his wife is unknown. Father of 7 known children: Marmaduke, Elizabeth, John, Joseph, Susanna, James and Charles who married Sally Wilby.
Baptism of Jeremiah Chadwick, 1769
Baptism of William Chadwick, 1804
Son of Jeremiah Chadwick and Elizabeth Spurr

Marriage of William Chadwick and Grace Day, 1830

Thomas Chadwick...1832 will
Brother to Jeremiah, son of Charles Chadwick and Sally Wiliby

Jeremiah Chadwick...1837 will
Brother Thomas, son of Charles Chadwick and Sally Wiliby

William Chadwick...1854 will

Marriage of William Henry Chadwick
son of William Chadwick and Grace Day, to Martha Tattersfield, on 3 June 1874

Information in table below taken from following URL.


The type A reference below is of an Admon, or Deed of Administration. All the other references are of Wills.
Benjamin 1858 Morley Batley 1 February T Wakefield x
John 1856 Leeds Leeds May T&C 240 0143r
William -1856 Leeds Leeds July A x x
William 1855 Howley Top
Batley January T 235 0025
James 1854 New Wortley Leeds April T&C 232 0111
William 1854 Batley Carr Batley June T 232 0367
John 1851 Batley Batley July T 225 0133
John 1845 Daw Green Dewsbury September T 212 ?
Jeremiah 1840 Hopton Mirfield December A x x
John 1839 Cleckheaton Birstall May T 199 0452
Jeremiah 1837 Batley Carr Dewsbury September T 196 0224
Hannah 1835 Burley Leeds January A x x
George 1833 Morley Batley July T 188 043
Thomas 1832 Barley Carr Dewsbury October T 186 260
Ephraim 1824 Little Town Birstall December A x x
Jane (Janet) 1824 Batley Batley April T 169 170
Marie J E 1824 ?? ?? July T 170 001
Jeremiah 1818 Batley Batley Oct T 162 566
Benjamin 1810 Leeds Leeds Oct T 154 515
William 1809 Birstall Birstall April A x x
John 1804 Dewsbury Dewsbury January T 148 111
Thomas 1803 Dewsbury Dewsbury April A x x
John 1802 Dewsbury Dewsbury August A x x
John 1802 Batley Batley June T 146 0198
Thomas 1758 Birstall Birstall l January A x x

Additional information sent to me by Jeff Sutcliffe, 28 October 2002 from his notes

1. John Chadwick, 1851 Batley, Batley, July, T, 225, 0133 I found this Will to be almost ellegible, It was made in 1850 and mentioned a Joseph Chadwick of Batley and a Jeremiah Chadwick.

2. Jeremiah, 1818, Batley,Oct, T, 162, 566 Mode on 11 January 1816, Jeremiah of Batle, Farmer, wife Mary; sons Joh, Thomas Clapham and George. Daughter Elizabeth. Brothers Joseph of Healey and Thomas of Birstall.

3. John, 1804, Dewsbury, Dewsbury, January, T, 148, 111 Made on 19 January 1804, John of Dewsbury, Clothier (no wife or Children?) nieces and nephews; Benjamin, Ellis, Isaac Ellis, William Fox, John Fox, David Todd, Mary Ellis and Sarah Gomersall.

4. John, 1802,Dewsbury, Dewsbury, August, A, X, X M ancestory, Admon of Dewsbury to Grace, his widow

5. John, 1802 Batley, Batley, June, T, 146, 198 John of Batley, Farmer. Made 2 February 1802, wife Jane. Children: Jeremiah, Joseph, Saray, Mary and Elizabeth. Friends Will Chadwick of Leads and William Chadwick of Batley, Clothier.

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